A divorce is separated into two aspects – The Decree and the matrimonial finances.

In an uncontested divorce application, we will normally charge £750 + VAT.

In respect of a contested divorce, our work is charged at an hourly rate and will be dependent on the amount of work required. In respect of matrimonial finances our costs are charged at an hourly rate and the level of involvement required can have an effect on the overall cost.

Mollie McQuade will be the fee earner with the day to day running of the file, her hourly rate is £177.00 + VAT.

Adam Tedstone may from time to time have some involvement in the case, his hourly rate is £255.00 + VAT. He is the partner who oversees the department.

Each case is different and therefore it is impossible to give an estimate of costs without knowing the work involved.

You may also be required to pay some disbursements and you will be responsible for the costs of these. Such items that you may be required to pay include court fees, barrister’s fees and expert fees.

For more information on court fees please visit the HMCTS website and look for a document called EX50 which will give you updated court fees.

Fixed fee appointments

We offer an initial fixed fee appointment which costs £30 plus VAT for a thirty-minute consultation. Once we have met with you and discussed your potential case, we will provide you with an estimate of our costs and will ensure that no costs are incurred until our fees have been agreed.

If you would like to arrange a fixed fee appointment, please telephone 01785 712243.