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Wills and Trusts

Wills and Trusts

If you are thinking of making a Will and want some advice please contact us to discuss matters with us.

Many people take comfort in knowing that their affairs are in order and that once they are gone those they leave behind will not find matters more distressing than need be because there is no Will.

Another reason to make a Will is to make sure that as little Inheritance Tax is payable by your Beneficiaries. Inheritance Tax is presently 40% on estates over £325,000 It changes most years in the budgets as do the various Inheritance Tax allowances and reliefs.

However, not everybody needs to make a Will and it is not this firm’s practice to encourage people to spend money making Wills when they are not needed.

We have the expertise to provide you how best to use the Inheritance Tax legislation to your benefit and to minimize the tax burden on your estate.

Contact us on 01785 712243 for an idea as to costs.

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