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When somebody has passed away, their affairs can be straightforward or extremely complex.

We have experience of dealing with estates together with individuals.

We have a specialist team and aim to give unrivalled service.

We don’t think that the administration of estates should take long. If done properly and given the right attention, most estates can be wound up in far less time than most people think.

What is important is an eye for detail. We have that.

What is also important is how matters are presented. Inheritance Tax can be reduced by the careful examination of a deceased’s estate and submissions of proper substantiated arguments to the Inland Revenue.

Did you know that the value of most small businesses is not taxable under the Inheritance Tax legislation?

Did you know that you can re-write a deceased’s Will after their death in certain circumstances to save Inheritance Tax?

If you think we could be of help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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